Surbhi Gajak



Our warehouse is spacious and well-equipped. It has sufficient storage capacity to keep our processed products safe before they are shipped to customers. After processing, the products are packed in food-grade plastic bags and cartons. Furthermore, we have professionals who monitor all stages of the production to ensure the correct and accurate packaging. These packets come in different sizes.
All packaged products should include the required information, such as date of manufacture, expiry and direction of use. We also make sure the label contains the ingredients list. An inventory management system is used to store products in an efficient manner. Our products are stored in a neat, dust-free place with the appropriate pest control system.

We have established a well-organized warehouse on our premises, which is equipped with all resources needed for proper storage. Under the supervision of our store in-charges, this unit is functional. They are responsible for labelling and sorting all items within a contoured framework. This reduces the amount of hassle that is required at the time of final dispatch. Additionally, all products are custom packed according to client requirements.